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Supporting the Game: Kingdom Rush Makes it Worth Your Buck!

Spare a quid, or a buck, or whatever you would call moolah in your local language, but the important thing is, spare it and support your favorite developers! In this Supporting the Game piece, we talk about all the interesting little things you get when you decide to purchase additional content for one of our favorite tower defense games: Kingdom Rush.

Literally, One Buck

And by buck, we mean that in American Dollars. That is all that is asked of players who have come to play, love and get addicted to the game. Kingdom Rush has a large community of fans, and for the premium content to have such a small and reasonable price for premium content is certainly something that many of us should be thankful for.

Of course, one can always choose to give more. When paying for premium content, you are given the option to pay anywhere from $1 to $100. You decide the amount you give, but the minimum stays the same. The bottom line is that you get the same extras regardless of how much you pay –which means you are not forced shell out plenty just to get everything in the premium content list.

So the question is, what do you get?

All the Cool Things

As expected, you only get in-game content –so don’t expect to get a signed poster or artbook mailed to your doorstep. Still, the amount of extras that come packed with this deal are pretty useful and fun to use in-game.

Here is a quick list of everything you will get: 15 stars, more gold at the start of each stage, the lightning bolt spell, an additional unit in reinforcements, and costumes for said reinforcements.

So there you go, 5 really interesting things that will make this game more fun and much easier to play. But what does each of them really do?

Breaking Down the Swag: Stars and Cash

First off, you get 15 stars for upgrades. These are the same stars you earn by finishing stages –in short, they are limited in quantity (once you earn stars, you cannot play the same stage to earn it again, you will need to finish a new stage). Having 15 stars ready is the equivalent of finishing 5 stages with a full three star ranking.

With this, you can pretty much fill out an entire skill tree the moment you plop down some cash. For anyone who has played Kingdom Rush, you would know that you will need stars to get stars. Stars are used to learn passive skills that will enhance your towers, spells and reinforcements. The more you have, the more likely you are to gain a full three-star rank at the end of a stage. Of all the benefits that you gain from purchasing premium content, the 15?

You also get more gold at the start of the stage. This value changes depending on the stage you are playing, and the value has a bit of a random factor to it. While this is useful (you can build more towers (or upgrade one faster) at the start of the game, it really does not have so much of an impact on the overall story mode. During challenges however, this is going to be a massive help –in some stages, the additional upgrade stars are enough to bring a tower to level 3. This is going to change the way you approach the tougher challenges as you will have more resources at your disposal.

All New Spell

The lightning bolt spell is a single target random damage spell that can either be really useful or a complete waste of waiting for a cooldown (either way, each spell cooldown is independent of each other so really does not matter at all). The spell summons a powerful bolt of lightning from the sky to deal a completely random amount of damage to the target creature. The odd part is that the attack value seems to have a range of 0-500 (so far). The lowest value we have seen in-game is under 40 pts of damage, but there are reports by other Kingdom Rush players that they have seen lightning bolt do anywhere from 30 to even 0 pts of damage (which means you could get really unlucky with this). The upside, of course, is that the opposite is true: the spell can dish out massive amounts of pain. So far, we have seen about 412 pts of damage, other people have reported higher values too.

The random factor makes the new spell both useful and still balanced –even for players who did not purchase the premium content. Had the spell been consistently high-damage, it would have made players feel like the devs are forcing them to pay for content.

The More the Merrier

As one would expect, our favorite additions are the reinforcement bonuses. Kingdom Rush has always been a special TD game for us thanks to its implementation of having ground troops.

These infantry type units worked by holding off enemies (each unit would fight off one enemy and keep them from advancing), which helped players create choke points for holding off large volumes of enemies, or by having them function as anchor groups in order to turn a large wave into something more manageable. And one of the best ways to get reinforcements is not to get them from a nearby barrack structure, but by getting them from the call reinforcements spell.

With the premium content, the volume of reinforcements that arrive will increase by a count of 1. This means that you get an extra unit for either dealing damage or for holding down an extra enemy. How you make them useful is entirely up to your strategy.

And to make the deal even sweeter, players also get to enjoy selecting a costume for reinforcement troops. This add-on is strictly superficial and will have no actual effect on your gameplay (but it certainly makes the game more interesting to play). Options for players include costumes from various pop-culture series –such as science fiction and video games.

Is This Worth It?

Bottomline: yes. When Ironhide allow you to choose the value of your payment, it usually means that you get some pretty worthless extras. But this is different, the items are good, the spell is useful and the bonus to the reinforcements is actually something you can come to rely on in the harder challenge stages.

The good thing about this $1 premium content pack is that you can avail of it anytime. There is a secure Paypal option which we highly recommend for anyone interested in getting all the extras. And more importantly, since this is not a discount-type kind of deal, you can expect the offer to be available for quite some time.

So if you ever find yourself wanting to plunk down some cash for online content, you should really consider sending some in the way of Kingdom Rush. It takes only a short amount of time, costs little, and most importantly, the extras you get are more than worth it.

Also we would recommend you check out Incursion for another quality tower defense game - it takes inspiration from Kingdom Rush but offers you a more direct game with more focus on units than towers.