Epic Wars 1

The Fate of Two Towers

The enemy is at our doorstep. They have built sinister towers that oppresses all within its evil domain. Goblins, orcs, demons, and other creatures of darkness are called forth to lay siege on our tower. As lord and master, you have to not only repel them, but also to take the fight to them and destroy their infernal tower. You must learn to utilize all of your arsenals, defenses, and traps. With a legion of minions at your disposal, you must summon them and lead them to victory.

Epic War is an archer-tower-defense type game that has taken the genre a few steps further. Like all archer-tower-defense games, you need to fend off the enemies by shooting at them. As you progress you can improve the damage, speed, and the number of shots of your arrows. You also add effects like slow, burn, and freeze on it to name a few.

Epic War not only provides an upgrade for your tower’s life points and a defense turret, the game also adds a barrier to improve your tower’s defense.

Epic War also has a summoning minions feature. You can summon minions to meet the incoming horde in the battlefield. But the best feature of the game is that not only do you have to defend and repel the incoming enemies; you have to amass an army to turn the tide of the war and destroy the enemy’s tower. Basically, Epic War is an archer tower defense game where you must repel the onslaught in the beginning and become the aggressive invader at the end.

Master of the Tower

You play as the Lord of the tower under siege by an invader called “The End”. You start with a bow that shoots one arrow per cycle; a “Special Attack” move; and Hobbits for minions. Do not worry; your situation will improve as you progress in the game. There are 15 battlefields in the World Map. You win a Battlefield combat when you destroy the enemy’s tower. Once you have cleared a battlefield, you can access the next one until the fifteenth and last Battlefield combat, where you must face The End in a Final Battle.

Although you can activate your arrow shots, upgrades, and summons using your mouse, it is advisable that you master the shortcut keys since it is a fast-paced game.

You adjust the trajectory of your aim by the up and down arrow keys. You scroll your view using the left and right arrow keys. A, S, D, and F are for Normal arrow shot, Fire, Thunder, and Ice Arrows, respectively; while the 1 to 7 number keys correspond to which minion you want to summon in the battlefield; and Q, W, E, R keys are for tower defense and mana pool upgrades. Pressing Space Bar activates your Special Skill. You get Experience Points for every Battlefield combat victory you achieve. The amount of Experience Points you receive depends on your Final Score; which means the higher your score is, the more Experience Points you get. You will need Experience Points, or EXP, because it is the currency of the game. There is no level progression; rather you spend Experience Points to access more powerful minions; get special arrows; normal arrow improvement; and tower improvement by purchasing them in the Skill Confirmation Menu.

Rain of Steel, Fire, Thunder, and Ice

Your main weapon is a Bow. You can shoot your bow without problem anytime; you just have to wait for a cooldown timer to be able to shoot again. The normal arrow has a fast cooldown timer and becomes faster as you level it up. Leveling it up also increases the number of arrows you release per shot, with three (3) being the most you can release.

There will be three special elemental arrows you can purchase and upgrade in the Skill Confirmation Menu. Unlike the normal arrows, these elemental arrows can pierce through enemies until they hit the ground. In addition, when fully leveled, these arrows will gain special elemental effects when they hit the ground.

Fire Arrows explode, sending some lighter enemies that are not instantly killed up in the air.

Thunder Arrows charge the surrounding air and stun enemies caught by the surge. Ice Arrows freeze the surrounding area, and all enemies within the area are frozen on their tracks.

You have one Special Attack that you can use anytime in battle. Activate the Attack and arrows will rain from the sky, covering all areas, hitting everything with the exception of the enemy tower and the minions underneath and beyond it at the time.

Your Seven Minions of War and your Mana

Your arrows are destructive and feared in the battlefield. Unfortunately, your shots are a few steps short from the enemy tower. You will need your army of minions to bring the enemy tower down.

The Seven minions you can summon are the following:

Hobbit – Though not a warrior, Hobbits are quick on their feet and are the first to meet the enemy on the battlefield. They also make up for their quick summoning time and are quite cheap to summon, because you need only 5 mana points in summoning a Hobbit.

Light Elf – Your light-armored warrior is the Light Elf. Armed with a sword, they make quick work on goblins and orcs. It takes twice the amount of mana points to summon a Hobbit in order to summon a Light Elf, but an Elf in the battlefield is worth more than twice the Hobbit.

Dwarf – Dwarves are stocky but slow warriors. But once they face the enemy they wield their electrified axes to momentarily stun the enemy. Summoning a Dwarf is a bit costly though, with 25 mana points being needed to summon one.

Wizard – One of your two ranged minions, the Wizard is irreplaceable in the battlefield as they attack behind the lines. They burn the ground, scorching all the enemies that are caught by it. Wizards are summoned for 100 mana points.

Golem – Dwarves can handle goblins, orcs, and ogres easily. But as the fight intensifies the enemy will unleash more dangerous enemies like hulking trolls and head-butting horned centaurs. You will need something tougher to defeat these dangerous foes. Golems are perfect for the job. Summon the golem for 300 mana points and hold the enemies at bay.

Ice Dragon – It is time to take the fight to the skies! Unlock this minion and for 2,500 mana points you can have the Ice Dragon swoop down and freeze your enemies. It takes time to summon one but once it is unleashed, Hell freezes over.

Angel – The enemy has summoned Fire Dragons and Demons to decimate your troops. It is time to call on to the High Heavens for some assistance. And Heaven answered by providing a champion to face your adversity. You will need a whooping 4,000 mana points to have an Angel in the battlefield. Her swing is so powerful the lesser horde minions are blown away at an instant.

You can upgrade all the minions four times in the Skill Confirmation Menu. You will need mana points to summon a minion. You begin the fight with an empty mana pool and you generate mana every second. Killing an enemy adds mana to your pool as well, so make sure to stock up on those kills. Different enemy types provide different amounts of mana. The stronger the enemy you defeat, the more mana it yields. Increasing your mana pool also increases the mana you generate every second. You increase you maximum mana by upgrading it in battle. It requires special mana points to increase your mana pool. The special mana point cost for the upgrade increases as you level your mana pool up. The maximum mana pool you can upgrade holds 9999 mana. The Skill Confirmation Menu provides upgrades for your mana regeneration; mana per kill; and starting mana per battle.

The Tower Must not Fall

During battle, you can activate defenses that you have purchased in the Skill Confirmation Menu. There are three defense enhancements: the Barrier, the Turret, and the Trap. Activated them for 1,500 mana points, the Barrier lessens the damage done to your tower. The Turret is your typical archer-tower-defense feature that shoots the nearest enemy within its range once it is put up for 1,000 mana points. There is also a Trap that can be placed at the middle of the field for 1,000 mana points to cause damage to approaching enemies.

After the Cloud of War has Cleared You Stand Victorious

Overall, Epic War is a very good game. The idea of turning the tides on the enemy is very refreshing. The twist in the Final Stage is also surprising; it took us a few attempts to figure out how to finish it (hint: “slow the advance” of the enemy and make use of the piercing capability of the elemental arrows). The replayability of the game is quite high as you can try to finish the game with a different strategy on each play through. You do not need advanced tactics to play the game; sometimes, good ol’ common sense is enough to get you through some battle situations (Ogres do area damage, so piling up your dwarves will be a disadvantage for you). Like all games in the tower-defense genre, the easy road to victory would still be upgrading the arrows as early as possible, since it is your main offense throughout the game.

The graphics is not bad, though some non-related Lord of the Rings patterns were visible. The sounds and music in the game are very nice, and it would have been so much better if some minions have sounds too though. We award Epic War an epic score of 85/100 for being both challenging and fun.

Once you have completed Epic Wars 1 we also have the second, third, fourth and fifth for you to contend with!