Epic Defense in Epic Stand

Defense against the Horde

In the game Epic Stand, you must defend your castle against the marauding hordes of orcs, goblins and other vile creatures out to destroy your land. You play as the wizard, Frostorn, who rules the land and protects it against the evil Dark Knight, Morokwar. Gather your courage and wits and get ready for battle in this epic strategy game by Bright Sight.

The Sight of Terror

Epic Stand's visuals are presented using flash animation. Graphics are colorful, adequately animated and has a unique art style. From goblins carrying bomb, lumbering orcs, to vicious werewolves - all the characters your see in the game moves convincingly accurate to their designs. The designers also opted to use comic style intermissions to tell the story, which fits well with the games setting. This is one of those games that can easily be catered to players especially those that are a bit picky when it comes to visual presentation in their games.

Marching to the beat of the Drums

The soundtrack of Epic Stand is totally amazing. The way it builds up while you are fighting off hordes of enemies from your keep feels just like those scenes from Lord of the Rings when the Helms Deep was in siege with orcs. Sadly, the game on has a limited number of tracks and they then to loop after a while.

Sound effects in the game are also very well implemented. Numerous sounds can be heard during the siege of your keep. Horns blowing, bombs exploding, weapons clashing - these are but some of the sound effects you would be hearing during the game. While the sounds effects are well recorded, the volume seems to be a bit low compared to the soundtrack. Still, the guys who handle the music and effects did a great job in immersing the playing in the game, thanks to an amazing music and decent sound effects.

An option to disable the sound effects and turn off the music is offered also. Just incase the players decides to listen to something else or if they get tired of the music (which we highly doubt).

The Art of War

Epic Stand's gameplay is pretty much a management game at its core. Your job is to defend your keep from the hordes sent by the Dark Knight Morokwar. The game starts of with just the wizard Frostorn defending his castle with Firebolt spells. But as the game progresses, managing your keeps' defenses comes into to play.

Different builds are offered to players in terms of setting up your defenses against the horde. The player is given points to distribute on different types of upgrades and castle defenses. From Knights, burning cauldrons of oil to an ancient dragon, defending your castle can be approached in different ways. The freedom given the players is something we really liked about this game because of the strategy involved in thinking of the best to defend the keep is different per person. Upgrade points are few and hard to earn on later level so replaying earlier stage is advice for those who wants to learn the more advance skills and defenses.

Building your castle in order to withstand the amassing enemies at your gates is crucial in Epic Stand. Your castle is made up of levels - three at the start of the game. While you might think defending the castle relies totally on strengthening the walls of your keep, then you are in for a rude awakening. There are multiple types of enemies that have the capabilities of destroying the walls and providing other enemies to the means to enter the higher levels of the castle. Goblins with bombs, the Executioner and even the Basher can easily lay waste to your defenses if you leave them unchecked. Assigning Knights to defend the levels, hiring healers to heal the knight and placing traps or other type of defenses are some of the options you have in keeping your walls intact.

Enemies of all shapes and sizes will be knocking on your castle drawbridge by time you reach the end level of the game. Each enemy type was designed for a specific task and will in most cases easily exploitable. Goblins are the first enemies that have the ability to damage your walls, so prioritize in killing them as soon as they appear. Other enemies in the game, such as the Orcs and Ogre can only do damage on your defenders, so as long as they are kept in the first level of the castle (where there are no defenders) they can be ignored. Some enemies give buffs and healing to other enemies in the game, so knowing the enemies skills is very important. A Monstropedia (Monster Encylopedia) is provided in the game to help players learn about the enemies they will be facing through out the game.

The developers, Bright Sight, really gave Epic Stand tons of optional things to boost its replay value. Trophies can be earned during the first time of play, which in turn unlocks a hard mode version of the stage completed. Not to mention achievement awards for players who can manage to accomplish the requirements given. A Survival mode is also unlocked upon finishing the game. All of these added modes and bonuses really helped Epic Stand place higher in our games to be played list. One option that would have made the game totally epic is our eyes would be a design your own level mode, which we are hoping will added in the sequel.

Playing the role of Frostorn in Epic Stand not only gives you the responsibility of managing castle defenses but also assigns to you the task for fending off enemies with your spells. Your first spell would be the Frostbolt, which you can use to defeat your enemies. Other spells such as Fear and summon Cavalry will be provided later on. Additional spells can also be learned in the Upgrades tab, but will cost points to learn and can be accessed only through the acquisition of other skills. We advise learning the Wellspring skill - which increases the amount of mana restored by fifty percent early since the Frostbolt spell will pretty much drain your mana pool dry with the number of enemies that you need to kill. Secondly, learn the Tome of Knowledge to reduce the mana cost of spells by a significant amount. The higher level spells, such as summon cavalry eats up a lot of mana so use them wisely. All the spells cost mana and have a cool down time, so knowing when and where to use each spell is the very important.

The Wars Outcome

Bright Sight's Epic Stand, truly stood out amongst other games of it genre. With noteworthy visuals and a unique art style, together with great gameplay mechanics, it can easily be the next Plant versus Zombie. An epic soundtrack, while limited, gave the game a feeling of tension during those intense times of defending the castle. We are really looking forward to a sequel and highly recommend Epic Stand to everyone who wants to play a fun and satisfying fantasy-based management game. After the last enemy has fallen and the dusts from the fallen walls have settled, we gloriously award a victorious score of 94/100 to Epic Stand.

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