Cursed Treasure Level Pack Defense

Cursed Treasure Level Pack Defense Guide

As one may have figured it out by now, the various classes in Cursed Treasure support different kinds of towers, and the various attack towers have their own strengths and weaknesses, giving players the decision on how to place them effectively on a map. Speaking of which, there are actually several factors that players need to pay attention to when placing defenses. And most importantly is the terrain, as there are three main types of terrain available in the game, and only specific towers can be built on specific tiles.

Grass tiles can be easily identified since they are colored green, and on these tiles, players can create dens for orc archers. The snow covered areas (colored white with streaks of light-blue), can be used for undead crypts. Lastly, the brown rock areas are used for building the demonic temples. In some ways, players may feel like they are being limited in what kinds of towers can be built where, but there is actually more the placement strategy than meets the eye.

First off, there are certain parts of the map that has mana gas over the tiles (visible as a puff of smoke over the tile). Building a tower on this tile will increase your mana regeneration rate. It is advisable for players to make use of these tiles as having faster mana regen is important for casting spells.

Another important terrain feature is the high ground -this is marked by a dark gray tile. You can build any tower on this ground and more importantly, any tower built in this location will gain a massive range bonus. In selecting which tower to build, try to stick to this basic formula: for high ground near the edge of the screen where enemies spawn, place a temple. For high ground tiles in the middle of long areas, dens are a good choice. Finally, for high ground tiles that provide a good vantage point for a large part of the map, a crypt is the best choice. When coupled with the Height Advantage skill, the additional range is supplemented with additional damage.

Enemy spawn points are the edges of the map where enemies come from. The number of spawn points per stage varies, but as a basic survival rule, it certainly helps to place an attack tower near each attack point. This is because certain enemies have a shade ability which renders them invisible and impossible to hit. If they are forced to cast this ability upon spawning, then they will be visible later on for your towers to attack them. Also, having early defenses allows you to thin out or wear down enemies with high HP and defense stats.

Gem caves are where you gems are stored. Some stages only have one cave that stores the gems. Others have multiple caves where the gems are split equally. You cannot change the locations of the caves and as such, you need to formulate your strategy around the location of the cave and the possible routes that enemies will take going there.

Cursed Treasure Level Pack Defense points are areas of the map where your defenses are highest by concentrating the largest amount of firepower at a certain point. It helps to have two sets of defense points -one near the enemy spawn point and another further down. This setup allows players to pick off any enemies that may have managed to get past initial defenses. This also allows you to compensate for tough bosses and enemies that turn invisible.