Castle Defense 2 Games

Defend Your Castle with These Fantastic Castle Building & Strategy Games

Whether you are looking for a simple defend your castle type game like Kingdom Rush where you deploy various types of units to defend your kingdom - or a more strategic build, defend and conquer game like Good Game Empires we have the best selection of free castle games for you to choose from. Good Game Empires is a very good example of how far castle kingdom games have come along - the guys at Good Game Studios offer you a multiplayer online experience where you can fight and defend against other real players. What Good Game Empires probably does better than any other strategic kingdom building game is it gives you total control over what you can build and when you can attack - it's rules are pretty much none existent where as other games can force you down certain paths and time spans for when to attack and when to defend.

Of course Kingdom Rush needs no introduction - Iron Hide's popular tower defense game doesn't give you as much control over your Kingdom as Good Game Empires but it does give you a large selection of units to deploy and plenty of monsters to defend your kingdom against - providing you with quite the colourful and enjoyable spectacle. The game has become such a hit that Iron Hide are now pushing for Steam's Green Light in order to get the game published and distributed on their massive download platform. Entitled 'The Curse of Castle Blackburn' this game will be twice as big as Kingdom Rush and feature tonnes more new units and monsters.

Castle Defense 2 games can therefore be considered seriously by any gamer looking for a solid strategic castle war challenge, just check out any of the games listed above for free.