Army of Ages Defense

Long Battles Take a Whole New Turn in Army of Ages

Army of Ages places players in control of a fantasy version of the human civilization against a strange form of super-evolving insect type aliens. The war is simple, you build, they build, you attack, they attack, and most importantly, you improve, they evolve. The battles is constant and non-stop, with one side pushing and pulling depending on the tide of the war. Expect to get into a pretty long battle with this game as this Army literally takes Ages to advance.

Compared to many other flash games, this is one title that is not for those who have a bit of free time to play around with. There are no save points, and no stages, just one long continuing battle that will take up a good deal of about two hours -depending on how fast it takes you to adapt to the gameplay. The bottom line here is that you need to learn fast, so do not skip the tutorial and try to get into the groove of the game as fast as possible because the enemy is certainly not going to wait for you.

From Ages Long Past

When some bizarre alien army lands in the time or prehistoric man, the human society takes up the one common reaction it has to foreign visitors: fighting them off. And while xenophobia is hardly the most positive thing about human culture, it also places us well in the proper side of the war -these extra terrestrial bugs look like they are hell bent on conquering us all.

And thus begins the first part of this war of ages, and also, the very origin of the army you will be commanding: prehistoric troops. Swinging bats, spears, and other makeshift weapons, these cave dwelling men have plenty of gut and power to stand up against the insect-like aliens. Fortunately, fiction is also on your side as you will be armed with a few dino-riding troops and automated stone slinging contraptions -sure, not really the best reference material for history buffs, but this is a game after all.

So there you are, right at the cusp of human civilization and tasked to fight off the aliens. The wondrous new weapons certainly help even the playing field, but there will always be a constant need to get your troops into the next stage of human civilization -the faster they discover the use of armor, or the power of gunpowder, or the strength of explosives, the better. After all, the enemy is also evolving as well.

A Big Game of Tug of War

Who pushes and who defends is a simple matter of deploying troops, and no, there is no way to keep pressing on the enemy from beginning to end. The bottom line is that you will need to play the role of the aggressor or the defender at different times in the game. This is most evident when you have just upgraded; as the sudden removal of all troops and defensive structures will push your capabilities back to zero. Sure, you can easily rebuild new structures and get more troops, but that would still mean having to fight off the aliens that have been left without any opponents for the past few seconds.

On the other hand, once your troops are charging in with their newly powered up weapons and highly advanced armors, the enemies will start getting pushed back, and you will need to keep bearing down on them in order to reach the main goal: damaging and destroying the enemy mother ship.

Aside from new fictional weaponry at your disposal, players also get to make use of special powers -unique attacks that will deal plenty of damage to enemy troops if used or deployed properly. These attacks are often quite fantastical in nature (ranging from flaming rocks from the sky to satellite beam cannons), and will help you push the enemy back if your are being backed into a corner. And speaking of that, expect it a lot: the enemy will constantly repel you and your troops throughout the game, the important thing is being able to rebuild quickly enough to recover whatever ground you need to gain.

The controls for the game are pretty simple: you can use the mouse to control the structural priorities and also, which ones get build in the first place. This will determine how your army fares off against the alien threat. Also, the use of super powers is infinitely simple: just click on the icon on top of the screen and all you need to do is to sit back and watch the mayhem unfold.

Better Than Cave Paintings

The visual direction of this game is pretty original with its use of flat solid colors and distinctive line art, each stage of human civilization is evident in the clothes, structures and weapons that used by each specific age (we particularly love the armor for medieval age). And the humans are not alone in the detailing; the aliens themselves are quite varied in terms of shape and form. Their exoskeletons are shaded in various colors and many have distinctive features such as weird looking antennae or strangely angled legs.

The animations doe suffer a bit when there are plenty of elements on the screen -which means that it really is better that you play this game on a more stable device. That aside, everything about this game looks rather good, and whether you are at the initial prehistoric stage or the fictional space exploration stage, it is easy to appreciate both the animations of the game and the graphics. Every attack move is clearly depicted and none of the animations were rushed in terms of appeal.

The music is also pretty fun for this game -if not entrancing. Listen to the track enough times and it is easy to get lost in the focus of the gameplay -struggling to find ways for the civilization to survive till the next upgrade.

The Verdict

This is not a game for thinking -scenario wise anyway. After all, aliens come, and you need to fight them off; there really is no simpler way to go about it. But it certainly is something that is worth focusing on in terms of strategy, you simply cannot win with a blind head-on charge. Sure, there are no other options aside from attacking straight out, but you also need to balance your troops and resources as you shift positions of attacker and defender at different points in the game. Army of Ages is a great and enjoyable game with a decent gameplay system and solid controls. The only drawback is that you cannot stop playing it until you lose completely or manage to finish the game. We give this game an alien-fighting soldier's 85/100.