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  • kingdom rush tower defenseKingdom Rush TD

    Kingdom Rush is perhaps one of the best castle tower defense games you could ever play online. A routine mission of defending your kingdoms lands against bandits goes according to plan but reveals a more sinister plan by an organised evil army ready to besiege and destroy your lands, it is up to you as general of your army off whatever comes through your gates!

  • crush the castle defenseCrush the Castle TD

    First you besieged other kings and queens castles with catapults, now your defending your own in this different take on Crush the Castle.

  • pokemon defensePokemon Tower Defense

    This pokemon take on a td theme has amassed a crazy following and takes you on a journey where you meet many of the characters in the popular animated series.

  • gemcraft labyrinthGemcraft Labyrinth

    The third in the tower defense series, once again you must combine gems to form powerful towers to destroy the invaders of your lands.

  • civilization wars.jpgCivilization Wars

    Taking over the world wasn't easy in ancient times, but with some smart tactics and powerful magic, you might just take your empire to the top of the heap. If your army is bigger than that of your foe, that's one base down, one whole planet to go.

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Epic War 5

epic war 5

Every single time we load up a new Flash or app game on our consoles, we often expect to find the typical vanilla level type of gameplay, graphics and challenge. While this is hardly any matter for casual players who make up a huge percentage of the market, there is still that undeniable fact that a significant portion of players also find solace in the hardcore category - which means that being able to find fulfilling casual titles on the get go can be pretty tough. This is why the existence of game series such as Epic War has been a massive boon, and the release of the fifth sequel last October has made us all very giddy gamers.

Epic War 5 welcomes players back to the world of endlessly respawn troops, two directional combat and tactical spell casting. You have your forces pushing to the right and you have opponents pushing to the left, it is a simple straightforward battle system that miraculously never gets old or repetitive despite the length of the game. With its impressively detailed sprites, large array of units and impressively solid gameplay, this is one Epic War that players should truly never pass up on.

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The King's League

the kings league

This is the perfect serving of simplified medieval combat attack and defense that we have seen in the past few months. King's League brings together stylized graphics, a simplified combat system, a real-time environment that will get you playing for two straight hours without you noticing it -and that is the trademark of having a really good time while playing.

So what makes King's League so good? To sum it up in two simple words: the pace. King's League places you in control of a small town, recruiting fighters, mages, knights, rangers and clerics to your side as you assemble a team of 4 of the best combatants the kingdom has ever seen. Your goal, is to compete in the monthly King's League matches against other Lords and Earls as you vie for the top spot in the League. At the end of all the monthly challenges, the one with the highest League rank will have the sole honor and privilege of challenging the king and ultimately, a chance at ruling the kingdom.

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Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems: Level Pack

Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems: Level Pack

A welcome expansion pack to the original cursed treasure that made such waves with casual game players. Try to fend off more enemies from stealing your gems before it's too late in NotDopplers second serving of tower defense heaven. We have provided a cool tower guide below the game to help you succeed, check it out now.

Kingdom Rush

kingdom rush game

Stop an onslaught on your kingdom from an army of monsters and generally evil creatures using a whole array of brave units. As the evil draws closer you will need to rise to the challenge and become the commander of an entire Kingdom's defense. In what many have deemed the best td title ever created, Kingdom Rush offers free gamers a hell of a lot more for free than many paid games do in their full content.

We highly anticipate Kingdom Rush 2.

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